Heli-Tractor has much experience with operations in South and Central America. We understand the requirements there and the culture. Heli-Tractor has helped to set up numerous first-time Heli-ag operations in these regions from day one (Ecuador’s first ever heli-ag operation). Some have never been involved in aviation at all, so they require much-needed experience from start to finish, including updates to manuals to meet the local civil aviation requirements, as well as help well-established operations, fine-tuning operations, and meeting with their clients to share questions and to assist their clients with any needs they may have. 

We travel to South and Central America annually to assist operators in the region. Not only do ag operators call for our services, but we are called upon from companies who make use of Heli ag operators to assist their companies fine tune and to oversee their work to make sure they are getting the highest standards from the ag operator they are contracted with.

We have helped many large sugar mills, avocado, and nut growers. So whether you in Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, or any other country in the area, we have probably helped someone already there and can help you too.

We are able to help with ...

  • Pilot training
  • GPS training
  • Equipment purchase and choice
  • Equipment setup and installations
  • Nozzle choice and droplet setups for individual crops
  • Fertilizer setups and equipment for solid fertilizer spreading
  • Operations streamlining to increase profits
  • Training manuals, operation manuals

We also offer

  • Low Volume (1gal/acre or less ) efficient precise applications maximizing downwash effects for penetration.
  • Dual Row Nozzle setups for high foliage crops ( nuts, avocado) for maximum penetration into the target zones.
  • Correct Spraying Techniques for pilots to ensure maximum coverage while saving chemicals and costs.
  • Assisting several large sugar companies to improve their spraying cycles, thereby producing greater results through better pilot training and equipment setup.

Why Choose Heli-Tractor

Heli-Tractor meets all Euro gap and Global gap (for export into Europe) spraying requirements, so our customers have no failure in meeting the audit requirements for their crop exports.


Heli-Tractor has this vast experience from being in the ag business for going on 20 years now, so the experience is gained thru time in the seat and field, not through a textbook.

Heli-Tractor has presented a vast Powerpoint presentation that can assist and covers all areas of Heli-ag spraying for both pilots and operators.